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  • Survival Gear and Solar Essentials

    We have easy access to the cleanest and most renewable resource there is, the sun. In just one hour, the sunlight that shines on Earth could supply the energy demand of the whole world for one year! And don’t forget the fact that it is free! In this day and age, we are realizing more and more how imperative it is that humans become more resourceful. Using solar oven designs to aid in food preparation is one fun and revolutionary way to become more sustainable. Due to this rising trend, we no longer have to grab some aluminum foil and a cardboard box to have the best solar oven. Products are available to make solar power meal preparation more attainable. You just need to determine the best type of solar cooker for you.

    The suns UV rays are what will be cooking your food. A portable solar cooker lets the ultraviolet rays from the sun in and will convert them into infrared light rays. These cannot escape. The radiation from the infrared rays, or heat energy, will then make the fat and protein and the water begin to vigorously heat up and begin cooking your food. The cookware you are using in the cooker will retain the heat energy. You do not need to use special pots in your cooker. What you already have at home will work fine. It is better to use dark or black metal pots. Dark pots draw in the light and will absorb the heat quicker. Anything shiny, such as stainless steel, will reflect the light away from your cookware.

    Silicone pots are a great alternative to use in your solar cooker. Though they will not get as hot as metal cookware, they are lightweight, and some are even collapsible to allow more space in your bags. Some silicone cookware can withstand up to 300 degrees, therefore you will need to invest in an oven thermometer. This way you can monitor the heat without opening the oven. Some solar ovens can reach 400 degrees, but most will cook at between 250-350 degrees.  Your cookware will get hot, so always have pot holders on stand by.


    Some assume that if it is winter and cold outside that solar energy can not be used. The brightness of the sun, not the outside temperature, is the most key factor to consider. Low humidity and cold temperatures will cook your food faster than on a hot and humid day.


    With October being right around the corner, here are three solar oven recipes to enjoy near your campfire.

    Honey Popcorn


    *1 cube of butter

    *1/2 Cup of honey

    *1/4 cup of cream (sour cream can be used, just dilute with milk)

    *Pinch of Salt

    *1/8 tsp baking soda

    *Desired amount of popcorn kernels (normally cover the bottom of the pan with a single layer of kernels)

    *Whatever oil you prefer to pop the kernels

    You will need:

    *Dark pot or saucepan

    *Wooden or metal spoon

    *Solar Cooker

    -Measuring cups/spoons

    -Large mixing bowl


    -Pop your popcorn in your solar cooker with the oil you prefer. Then salt, if desired and pour into a large bowl.

    -Next, combine all the other ingredients in your saucepan, except the baking soda.

    -Cook and stir regularly until it reaches a soft ball stage.

    -Add the baking soda, and mix well until the honey mixture starts to foam and rise.

    -Remove from heat and immediately pour over popcorn.

    -Mix and stir until the honey mixture is well coated.

    -Allow to cool for about 15 minutes before enjoying.

    Wheat Bread

    (Makes 3 loaf pans)


    *4 cups of warm water

    *2 Tbsp of yeast

    *1/2 Tbsp of sugar

    *1 Tbsp of salt

    *1/3 cup of olive oil

    *1/3 cup of honey

    *1 1/2 Tbsp of dough enhancer

    *1/2 cup of wheat gluten

    *9 cups of wheat flour

    *2 cups of white flour

    You will need:

    -3 dark loaf pans

    -Electric mixer if desired

    -Non stick spray or butter to grease

    -Solar cooker

    -Towels to cover pans

    -Large mixing bowl

    -Measuring cups/spoons


    -Place your solar oven outside to pre-heat. Make sure you have enough clearance in your oven  for a bread loaf.

    -Grease 3 dark bread pans

    -Add warm water, yeast and sugar to a large mixing bowl. Blend with an electric mixer or knead by hand.

    -Add all the other ingredients, except white flour.

    -Mix well on medium speed for about 5 minutes or 12 minutes if kneading by hand, this way the wheat gluten will set in.

    -Add the white flour slowly as you mix or knead until no longer wet and sticky.

    -Form the loaves into 3 loaves and place into each greased pan. Cover with a towel.

    -Place pans in a warm location so dough will rise quickly.

    -Check your solar oven temperature. It will need to be at least 260 degrees, but preferably 325-350. Don’t be alarmed if the temperature drops when you put in your loaf pan. It will regulate again.

    -When your dough has risen, place all three pans in your cooker. If you don’t have space for three, place the ones you do not have room for in the refrigerator to slow further expansion of the dough.

    -Turn oven towards the sun.

    -Set a timer to 60-75 minutes for one loaf. 75-80 minutes for two.

    *Bread should cook until light golden brown.

    Baked Cinnamon Apples


    *4-6 apples (any variety you prefer)

    *Ground Cinnamon

    *White or brown sugar

    *1 tsp vanilla

    *2 Tbsp of corn starch

    *1/4 cup of water

    *1/8 cup of water

    You will need:

    -Solar cooker


    -Dark Saucepan with lid

    -Measuring cups/spoons


    -Set solar oven outside to pre-heat

    -Mix together in pot. Cover and place pot in cooker

    -Set timer for 2 hours.

    -Mix corn starch into 1/8 cup of water to dissolve and add vanilla

    -Stir starch mixture into apples.

    -Recover pot and return to oven.

    -Allow to cook for one more hour, or longer if you like

    *Serve warm-Peel and slice apples to desired size

    -Add ground cinnamon and sugar to your desired amount

    -Add 1/4 cup of water

    Now you are probably hungry and ready to buy a solar oven!

    What is more reliable than the sun? We know when it will rise and set every day. While clouds are entirely unpredictable, the sun will be there. The power we need to operate solar tools can not be monopolized on. Once you invest in solar energy, that source of electricity is yours only.

    Solar power for camping can allow you to travel to more remote locations. Incorporating solar panels into your camping gear, you can rely less on generators and decrease noise pollution. Then the relaxing sounds of nature can come thru loud and clear. You won’t have to give up your mobile devices, refrigerator, lights or even a television. Solar panels are compact and will not take up a lot of space. The size of panel you choose will depend on what you are needing to power. Most personal solar panels come equipped with a USB port. These small, ready-to-go sun absorbers are the reason they make the best portable solar panels.

    There are multiple pros in moving toward solar power, but really only one con. The sun will not shine 24 hours a day. So we will have to rely on other sources at times. Solar power is the most environmentally friendly resource that is readily available. While being completely renewable, it produces no harmful emissions to contribute to global warming.

    Keep these products in mind when you take off on your next outdoor adventure. Whether you enjoy camping, boating, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, bushcraft or scouting, utilizing solar energy can benefit you no matter what hobby you enjoy.


  • Adultery and the Bedroom Spy Camera

    You know that saying, “Listen to your gut”, or have you had a little voice in your head telling you that something isn’t right….well our gut and that little voice are normally right. Always follow your instincts. 80% of the time, that little voice knows what’s it is talking about. But how can you know for sure?

    Infidelity is defined as the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. Gone are the days when collars were examined for lipstick, pockets and wallets were searched for receipts, perfume and cologne smells lingering on clothing. Cheating partners may start to appear distant and irritable and may begin to separate themselves from your home life. They may sneak into other rooms to use their phone or laptop, or their stories about where they have been just don’t add up. Follow up your suspicion with actual proof. Cheaters are no longer safe. Technology is assuring us of that.

    Private investigators are flooded with cases of infidelity. It is the number one reason they get hired. Hidden cameras can help. Instead of waiting for a private investigator to have an opening to accept your case, or taking time to research and find an investigator that has your best interests in mind, you can take matters in your own hands and purchase a hidden camera through a reputable spy store.

    You do not have to be wealthy to be able to access a hidden camera. Regular people are using hidden surveillance more and more to catch acts of wrong and making them right. They are affordable and options to purchase are right at your fingertips. Some send the footage right to a television or a computer monitor for viewing. Some more expensive models are equipped with a built-in DVR that will record and store your footage.

    An unfaithful partner is usually discovered in one of two ways, accidental discovery or using some sort of surveillance monitoring.
    Disguise is key. Find a spy camera that will blend into the surroundings of the room where it will primarily be used. Where will it be the least detected, yet produce the footage results that you need? Hidden cameras can be purchased in the form of air fresheners, smoke detectors, neck ties, chargers and much more.

    A cheater is most likely to perform adultery in familiar surroundings. So it wouldn't be unheard of to setup your spy shop to catch the footage that you need in your own bedroom. A motion activated alarm clock with night vision would be the perfect tool to catch bedroom philandering. By utilizing the motion activation feature you are saving yourself hours of time going through useless footage. It will only begin recording when it picks up movement. There is nothing visually about these adultery spy camera clocks that would suggest they are anything other than an alarm clock.

    Before you take video surveillance into your own hands to catch deceitful behavior, take into consideration what effects this will have on you emotionally. Are you prepared to be hit with the possibility that your partner is two-timing with another? It will turn your world upside down. First of all, stay calm. Consider the circumstances and parties involved. Are you married? Do you have children that will be affected? It will be difficult, but try not to act impulsively. Some couples will try to work through it and save their relationship. Don’t make a rash decision that you may regret later. Remember though.…you do not have to be a victim. If you can’t live with a cheater, there is obviously no bounce back from what has happened. It’s non-negotiable so justification isn’t needed. Get out as soon as you can.

    Always keep in mind that laws vary depending on location and the situation. Always research federal law in your location before obtaining footage or speak to an attorney. Generally, it is legal in the United States to record video surveillance in your home without the consent of the person you are recording. In a majority of areas, recording is illegal in places where someone expects privacy, such as a bathroom. Due to federal regulations, audio recording without consent can result in heavy fines and jail time. Never assume anything is legal without covering yourself.

  • Personal Alarms For College

    As you are packing up your son or daughter to take them off to college this fall, you are experiencing a wave of emotions. Worry, excitement, panic, apprehension, joy and pride….to name just a few. For the first time they will be off and living on their own. A situation that they are not used to. Keeping our children safe is what we have done their whole life. What can we do to continue keeping them safe when they are no longer under the same roof? Making the decision to purchase personal safety alarms for college can be one way.

    Personal alarms for safety are rising in popularity. This is an item that can be placed on a keychain, on a lanyard while jogging or walking, in a purse or pocket, or on a belt loop. They are about the size of a car’s keyless entry system remote. The idea behind a personal alarm is to send the assailant fleeing upon hearing the earsplitting sound. When the alarm disorients the attacker, the user gets to safety. Once you activate your alarm, a piercing alert of up to 130dB will blare. To achieve total impact, your alarm must be 130dB and be a continuous sound. For college students walking at night, this could alert campus security or anyone in the area that they need help.

    The decibel scale goes up in powers of 10. Every increase of 10 decibels goes up 10-fold. This is doubling the intensity. Let’s look at some examples of common decibels so you can gauge the power of this alarm:

    Light Traffic: 50dB
    Toilet Flushing: 75dB
    Alarm Clock: 80dB
    Motorcycle: 100dB
    Rock Concert: 110dB
    Air Raid Siren: 135dB
    Firecracker: 145dB


    Light your way thru the dark and ward off attackers.


    There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a battery operated alarm. You will need to check it regularly to make sure your battery is in working order. Here’s a tip. Schedule a reminder in your smartphone to make sure you check your battery once a month. Make sure your alarm is easy for you to operate. Pull cords and pull pins can sometimes be difficult to maneuver, especially in a time of distress. Some alarms can have extra features like flashing strobe lights or flashlights. While these can be handy, always remember the alarm sound is the most vital feature.

    In the event of an attack, the alarm is most beneficial as close as possible to the assailant’s ear, all while staying at a safe distance to assure your escape. Keeping it in your purse or pocket won’t reach the maximum decibel of impairment.

    Gas personal alarms work under the same idea, but instead of operating on batteries they run off of gas. Once the gas runs out, the alert will stop. These have a very long and shrill sound. If you have difficulty using your hands or using buttons, you just have to push a gas alarm against something to activate. Storage is another consideration. These can not be kept in extreme temperatures.

    Some alarms are becoming disguised with different designs. An attacker might assume it is really lipstick or a keyless entry system remote. They won’t think to disable the item or expect a loud noise to emit from it. This also throws off the criminal because they could be looking for something that resembles a traditional alarm. In the event that you need to use this device, be aware that setting does make a difference. The effectiveness in a big city may not be as useful as a suburb or park.

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  • Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel 2 oz

    The benefits of pepper spray for self defense have changed for the better. We know what pepper spray does. It can provide us with a sense of security in the event that our personal safety could be compromised. Not only can pepper spray protect us from human violations, but with the recent outbreaks of animal attacks, you can never be too careful.

    When shopping for the perfect self defense tools, it can get overwhelming. Should I buy a stream or spray, gel or a fogger? You want to arm yourself with something that you are comfortable with carrying and utilizing if the need were to arise.

    Oleoresin Capsicum, or OC, is the natural compound in cayenne peppers that provides the heat intensity. Pepper sprays contain anywhere from 2-10% of OC, the pepper gel contains 18%. The concentration of pepper personal safety products is measured by the Scoville Heat Unit scale, also referred to as SHU. The WildFire Pepper Gel measures in at 3 Million Scoville Heat Units, while most sprays are 2 Million SHU’s. If heat intensity is an important factor in your purchase, gel would be the better choice.

    Pepper gel is becoming very well received to the world of personal safety and sales are rising. When it comes to pepper gel vs spray, both are effective but gel has key features that you may not have thought of as being vital.

    When you think of gel, you picture a more heavy substance than a spray. If you are involved in a circumstance where you need protection outside in windy conditions, the gel, being more weighted, will have less of a chance of being shifted in the wind. You do not want to experience a blowback. That would put you in danger of being accidentally contaminated along with the attacker.

    Once you disperse the pepper gel, it will cling to the target. If the assailant begins to rub or wipe the gel, it will only cause them more pain. It will immediately begin to seep in the skin, force the eyes to close and suppress their respiratory system. Effects will last for approximately 45 minutes, allowing you to get away. Due to the in-air disintegration, once the gel is released it will only affect your target directly. This combination is ideal for a crowded environment.

    Unlike a TASER gun or a stun gun, you do not have to be in close proximity to an attacker. This will increase your likelihood of getting to safety. Pepper gel has a thick, sticky viscosity that allows it to travel further than a typical spray. Pepper gel has a range of 15-18 feet.

    If the idea of carrying a pepper personal safety product intimidates you or provokes fear, you do have the option of practicing to get accustomed and comfortable with using it. It is important to have good aim. Water based practice sprays are available, that way you are not using up your real pepper item.

    These self defense items are convenient to carry, inexpensive and readily available. Familiarize yourself with the laws in your town and state. Pepper spray is restricted in some areas.

    Don’t hesitate! You only have one chance. Prepare for the unexpected today!

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