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Trigger Stun Guns

Question: How often do I need to charge the trigger stun gun, and for how long?

Answer: Most of our stun guns need charged at least once a month for at least 6 hours. Don't charge over 8 hours. See the included instruction manual for further information.

Question: Can the shock of a stun gun pass from the assailant to the person holding the device?

Answer: When you zap an attacker, the current stays in their muscles and can not transfer to you.

Question: Can a stun gun cause permanent effects on a person?

Answer: Directly, they can not cause any permanent damage, only from secondary danger, such as falling, etc.

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Question: Can stun guns be fired numerous times?

Answer: Yes, in fact, you should fire it here and there to extend your battery life. Normally, you should only do test fires no longer than a second or two.

Question: Are stun devices effective on animals?

Answer: Yes! They work on dogs, coyotes or smaller animals. Since their pain tolerance is different, you may have to use your device more than once. Just the zap sound can sometimes send an animal running.

Question: How do I choose between voltages?

Answer: Consumers believe that voltage means the power behind the volt. Voltage actually measures the speed it travels. Higher voltage numbers means a quicker take down of an attacker.