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About Us

Thank you for visiting Shabom.com and for making personal security your priority. Our website is a family run online store. The products we sell have been proven effective to defend the personal safety of you and your loved ones.

Shabom was started primarily out of need. The need for defense when you need it most. My wife was a healthcare worker, and she would find herself leaving her job at all hours of the night. Many times, she would talk about situations she would encounter in the parking lot. As a spouse, that makes you feel helpless and uneasy. Attacks on women in our area were on the rise. A majority of her co-workers were not armed with any type of self-defense item. As a military veteran, I know the importance of preparedness when defending yourself. I have made it my mission to put options into the hands of those that do not know what's available to them. Having a plan to protect yourself is just as important as a home fire plan, the more you prepare, the better your chance of survival. Not only are other people a danger, but animals as well. Hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers, and walkers are faced with the danger of mountain lions, bears, coyotes and wild dogs. If you are active in these hobbies, prepare yourself.


Our main goal is to educate people on the types of items that are available. There are plenty of options for everyone to have the tools they need to defend themselves. Crimes can happen anywhere. Unfortunately, in these times, we must always be ready. 

An attack is rarely expected, but a chance to survive happens only once!