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Shabom Safety. Survival. Surveillance.

Air Freshener DVR Color
HD Hidden Camera
No one will ever be able to tell this air freshener conceals a
HD hidden color camera and mini DVR to record what the camera sees.
$274.00 $232.90
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WildFire 4 oz Pepper Gel
WildFire 4 oz Pepper Gel is hot, hot, hot. Wildfire is 18% Oleo Resin
Capsicum (pepper) -- a derivative of 3 Million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). .
$21.95 $18.66
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Electronic Dog Repeller
The Electronic Dog Repeller uses the latest ultrasonic technology,
the Super Dog Chaser uses two ways to repel a dog.
$19.00 $16.15
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